What Should You Wear?

What to wear for your photos is one of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your session, and it always the thing my clients are the most worried about. I promise, it's really not as stressful as it seems. I've compiled some tips below for you, along with some examples and a link to my amazing Pinterest fashion guide. If you still feel stumped, give me a call! I love talking clothes ;)

Tip #1: Start with one outfit


You want your style to look cohesive, so figure out one outfit and design the rest around it. I always recommend starting with Mom first. Pick something you are comfortable in; no one likes having their pictures taken in something that makes them feel self-conscious. Are you more comfortable in jeans, or a skirt? Boots or pumps? This is the perfect time to buy that blouse you've been wanting, or a sweater that goes with your favorite necklace. Once you know what one person is wearing, it's easier to plan the rest. 


You could also start with kids first. For my own family photos, I always know what I want my daughter to wear long before I know anything else. She's easy. Then I coordinate my outfit to hers, and then the boys. 


Tip #2: Coordinate - but don't match. 

Choose a palette of two to three soft colors and mix them up, including both pants and tops. You want a cohesive feel, but without being overly “matchy-matchy”. Think of a page in a clothing catalogue where everyone coordinates, but no one stands out more than the rest. Avoid bright neon colors and large logos, which look distracting in photos. Also, avoid white and go with cream instead. It's more flattering. 

Tip #3: Texturize! 

Solid colors are great for photos, and so are textures! Think of lace, crochet, knit sweaters and corduroy. Patterns are alright, just keep them monotone or simple. Layers are perfect for photographs, so think about scarves, cardigans, coats, and vests. Layers are especially important for fall sessions when it can start to get cold. 

Tip #4: Accessorize!

Necklaces, belts, shoes, hats, ties! There is no limit when it comes to accessories. Once you have your outfits decided, you can add to them and use accessories to dress them up or down.

Tip #5: Ask for help.

I stress over which yoga pants I'm going to wear that day, so I understand how daunting choosing clothes for your session is. Pinterest is my favorite place to find inspiration, and I have a board dedicated just to helping you find what to wear. You can click here to view it, and I love it when clients send me boards they have put together for their shoots. I also have a couple of amazing stylists that are available to go through your closet and help you shop! I wish I could consult them each morning about my yoga pants dilemma....