AMAZING! I have no words to describe what she captures in a photo...truly a magical photographer!!
— Laurie
I highly recommend working with Jennifer, she is sweet, talented and amazing to work with.
— Raquel
I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough. Not only is her work beautiful, but she was so engaged I could tell she genuinely cares about each photo. I’ve never been so relaxed at a family portrait!
— Charlotte
Jennifer has such a wonderful eye. She amazes me how she can see something that is part of our everyday life and with a different focus or a little different light, it all changes. As far as her portraits go she makes you feel very comfortable. At first it may be a little uneasy, you start to feel a little more comfortable, relax a little and before you know it she has taken all these photo’s that you had no idea she was taking. She is very good at catching that moment of the real you, when you had no idea the camera was on you. You get pictures back that capture ones soul.
— Kathy
I have been a client of Jennifer’s for years. She first took my high school graduation pictures and now, four years later, has taken my college graduation pictures. Not to mention every event in between. I absolutely hate having my picture taken but Jennifer makes you feel so comfortable and when you see the results, they are amazing. They always look so natural and organic. Nothing ever looks forced. I never thought I would actually enjoy having my pictures taken but I have quickly grown to love my sessions with Jennifer Lyn. Her pictures are timeless and so beautiful.
— Stephanie