• My greatest accomplishment is being a mom to robot-obsessed 3 year old Charlie and giggly 1 year old Kate.
  • I am married to a brilliant English author who still denies that my taste in music is superior to his, but gets away with it because he makes me crêpes for breakfast. 
  • To say that I love the fall is an understatement. I go crazy over changing leaves and new school supplies. 
  • Laughter is my favorite sound. Especially baby laughter. 
  • I love baking. And eating. And watching HGTV while I eat. In pajama pants. 
  • I have the most amazing friends from all over the world. 
  • I dream of someday being a runner and yogi. Right now I run sporadically after my son and just try to stretch while I pick up toys.   
Photo by Bonnie Mitchell Photography

Photo by Bonnie Mitchell Photography