I am so excited that you have clicked on this page! And, honestly, a little nervous.

I am a mother, wife, artist, coffee addict, and dusty desert wanderer born and raised in New Mexico.

I didn't come into this world with a camera in my hands and I haven't always known that I would be a photographer. The road that has led me to where I am has been long and something I fell in love with slowly. I first became passionate about how women view themselves and changing that perception into something positive. I became passionate about career women, mothers and daughters, grandmothers, aunts and sisters. Photography was a hobby until I realized it could be the tool which helped me shape self-image and create confidence. Then it became an obsession. I immersed myself in studying light and movement, in form and balance. I want to capture you as you are. Unique, exceptional, messy, raw, glamorous, brilliant, selfless, sexy. Capturing truth, so that forever you have undeniable proof that you are already perfect.