Thank you so so much for taking this survey for me. I know how busy we all are so I promise it is super quick! If you wish to be entered into the drawing for a free session, just enter your email at the bottom of the survey. - xoxo, Jennifer

Which of the following best describes you?
Which social media sites do you prefer?
When following someone on social media, like Instagram, do you prefer it if they have a seperate accounts for business and personal, or do you like it all together?
When you are looking for a new photographer, hairstylist, wedding planner, etc., how do you go about finding them?
Would you prefer to receive information about your shoot digitally through my website, or through a package sent in the mail?
Would you prefer to receive digital negatives on a USB drive, or as a digital download that also backs up your images for ten years?
What do you do with your digital files after your session?