I grew up surrounded by strong and brilliant woman who never once put themselves first.  I could never understand why my Mother, who is the most gorgeous person in the world to me, has never found herself beautiful. Now that my friends and I are getting older, I notice how we do the same things. Our kids, and careers, and families, and friends always come first.  We never have enough time, we are never smart enough, or organized enough, or thin enough, or pretty enough. We are just plain never good enough.

My dream is to steal you away from your world for one day to prove to you that you ARE good enough. That when I look at you, I see strength, and love, and beauty.  I see a woman who isn’t defined by being a mother or a partner or a business woman, but someone that stands completely on her own.  Full of light and laughter.  Someone with dreams and talents and a story all her own.  I want to capture that forever for you, so that the next time you don’t feel “good enough”, you have the evidence to prove otherwise.  Let’s get together and talk about your dream shoot, where, for once at least, you come first.